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The very best days of summer on the water at Liquid Skills.

Liquid Skills is the place to go when it comes to summer camps on the river!  Situated on the warm waters of the Ottawa River in the heart of the Ottawa Valley just outside the village of Beachburg, Liquid Skills' experienced team have been working with junior paddlers over the past 20 years, training in flatwater and whitewater.  Our camps are designed to help young people from ages 6 to 18 develop their paddling skills, water safety skills, and general life skills in our family environment, make new friends and ultimately help grow their love for water sports, the environment and being outside.  There is lots of fun on and off the water while naturally increasing health and wellness through physical activity and developing paddling skills from time on the water with our world class Liquid Skills instructors!

Kid Camps


Options for 6 years to 18 years of age

Our day camps are awesome!  All Liquid Skills camps are super inviting, fun and educational, we spend a lot of time helping the kids understand water safety and teach about making good decisions in both non-moving and moving water environments.  It's all about the safety and fun. These camps are set up for smiles and success.  

Choose between our Super Junior Camp for little ones starting out paddling and getting comfortable in whitewater, our Junior Development Camp for bigger kids looking to get under water learning to roll, strengthen their bodies and mind with paddling exercises and drills and get confident in whitewater or our Junior Surf and Freestyle Camp for the bigger kids that have a roll and are looking to progress their surfing skills and tricks in the whitewater.


Super Junior Camp

Super Junior Camp - young beginner to early intermediate.

6 - 11 years


An inviting approach to the introduction and evolution of paddling in flat and whitewater with extra support.  This camp progresses throughout the week to a trip down the river at for those ready for the adventure! Safety first, fun second and learning follows naturally.

Development Camp

Junior Development Camp - Beginner to intermediate.

11 - 18 years

Our longest running camp and a place for all teen paddlers from beginner to intermediate to join in the amazing opportunity of learning skills and drills, increasing physical and mental fitness, and paddling development from time on and off the water with our world class Liquid Skills instructors.

Rippers Camp

Junior Freestyle and Surf Camp - Intermediate to advance.

12 - 18 years

This surfing camp is a perfect fit for young boaters that are playing in whitewater and wanting to progress their freestyle skills.  The Rippers Camp will have the progressions on the waves and in the holes on the Ottawa, learning the dynamics of efficient paddling. 


Good to Know Info and What's Included

Camp runs from 9:30am to 3:30pm daily.  Allergy and other medical information will be requested for each camper.  Wear your water clothes under your regular clothes (no cotton for water wear!) Bring your paddling gear (kayak, skirt, paddle, lifejacket/PFD, helmet).  If paddling gear rentals are required they will be provided at no extra cost based on availability.  Please reserve gear at time of camp reservation.  We run small group sizes and gear is limited so reserve early!

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