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Memories from 2019 @ Liquid Skills Kayak & SUP School on the Ottawa River

Well 2019 certainly started off big a bang. Surrounded by flooding on the Ottawa River our season start was postponed by a couple weeks. It worked out anyways for us as we needed the time to help our neighbors both near and far as the disaster covered quite a bit of territory.

We were really thankful to have Gul Watersports drysuits to help us get into the needed areas and stay warm and dry. By the way we now have a Gul gear store located at Liquid Skills so if there is any gear you like, let us know and well get it in for you. We also have a rather large stock pile of gear here as well. Check out for more info.

Liquid Skills kids helping out, endless bags of sand.

Did I mention how happy we were with our Gul NAPA Drysuits? These are built really well and stood up to the daily sandbag grind. The sand was mostly winter sand which means it also contains some rock salt as well which is quite caustic and known to break fabrics and materials down much more quickly. We noticed the drysuits stood up to the challenge very well. NAPA DRYSUIT INFO HERE

T Coast guard doing their rounds, local Lars R. was on that boat. Always comforting knowing your neighbors are also the hero's around here.

After things settled down a bit, boating season was on and the water was fantastically high.

We use the jetski quite often in the spring to get around, tow on kayakers and its a great tool for rescuing your buddies when they need a hand.

Taxi down to bus eater on the Ottawa River.

Devyn, Sammy and Joey out for a rip on the Ottawa River.

Devyn grabbing some steeze.

Calder & Holden having a time!

Ria and Liv in deep though...

Liquid Skills' future.

A video from a day off we had and went to push button and the beach. These are the days off we live for, enjoy.

I'll wrap this little blog up now, there was so much more that happened over the course of the summer and we will continue to update. This blog was a bit more of a photo collage than a written blog but I hope you enjoyed it and there will be more to come.

Hope you all enjoyed and see you on the river.

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