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Signature Clinics. Signature Instruction.

Clinics for first timers, avid paddle boarders and even experienced instructors.  Come experience the Liquid Skills difference on and off the water.

Monday - Sunday ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ May - October



Introduction to Basic

Flatwater Paddleboarding

Designed for the first time paddler, this introductory course uses the most cutting-edge instructional techniques to get you on the water on a stand up paddle board quickly and safely. We cover the essential skills and concepts, starting on shore with the fundamentals like carrying your board and paddle, how to get on your board safely, etc and moving onto the flatwater where we focus on balance, strokes and technique. As your comfort level increases, we will progress by practicing these techniques and trying more challenging exercises. The objective of this course is to give you a solid foundation upon which to build and enjoy the wonders of stand up paddleboarding at your own pace with our kind and quality instructors.



Introduction to Advance

Flatwater Paddleboarding 

For those already familiar with the basics and ready to take their paddleboarding skill set to the next level. One of our most popular courses with focus on technique and playability with the boards. The Evolution will help your transformation into a confident and self-sufficient stand up paddle boarder.  Receiving clear and concise instruction, you will learn advanced techniques and skill sets such as bracing, back paddling, buoyancy energy, paddle dexterity and board and body placement.  With consistent and accurate feedback, encouragement and lots of practice through structured exercises and boundless play, the SUP Evolution will open you up to a world of fun and safety techniques on the flats.

Introduction to Basic Whitewater Paddleboarding 



We have spent years breaking down advanced technique, discovering that the true key to learning is in understanding the basic concepts. Delving into the whitewater world  from the paddleboard if fun and exciting and involves knowing and being comfortable with the basic and advanced skills in flatwater.  Moving into the Quickening clinic brings us to utilizing skills we've learned in the SUP Essentials and SUP Evolution Clinics and transferring those skills into the moving water by learning the tendencies of the whitewater and the ques of when to do what where.  We deliver these concepts clearly and link them to a simple progression for each new skill you are ready to tackle.  Experience the Liquid Skills difference on The Mighty Ottawa River



SUP Fit & Yoga For Specific Development

At Liquid Skills, our favourite place is on the water, so it makes sense that our strength training for our bodies and minds can be found on the river as well. Enjoy a variety of classes and times to meet your personal goals.  Purchase a single class or a class pack and reserve your class space in advance to secure your board.  Mix it up and have some fun learning new skills and taking in the natural beauty of our outdoor studio brought to you by the one and only, Mother Nature on the Ottawa River.  Class descriptions are below.  Make sure to check out the events calendar for classes running each day as some classes are not running due to special events. Peace, Love and Paddling! 



High Intensity Fitness Class


60 minute session

For those already familiar with the basics looking to take their workout on the water. A fun and exciting workout incorporating paddle strokes and buoyant energy, this class will make you hurt so good and keep you coming back for more.  There is no better place for it to occur than the warm water of the Ottawa River.


Low Intensity Relaxing and Renewing Yoga Class

 75 minute session


It's NOT about contouring your body into unmanageable positions.  Explore the tranquility, beauty and fun of yoga on the water.  Weather you're new to paddleboarding and/or yoga, all levels and personalities are welcome to join in the magic of floating yoga classes.  A treat for your body, mind and spirit!




Mixed Intensity Strengthening and Expanding Fitness Yoga Class

 75 minute session


Designed for those looking to move, connect and flow through a series of strengthening postures from low on the board to standing balance postures, this class keeps the activity up combining a power factor that will make you glad that the water is so close to help you cool down.


A Half Day Learning in Nature

Private SUP Clinic and Tour (3 hrs)

From$250 + HST

All paddling levels welcome, this flatwater tour takes you on a stunning picturesque journey of the Ottawa River.  We cover skills based on the level of the individual or private group from essential skills to advance concepts as we travel by water around islands and offer time to take in all the beauty of the natural surroundings.

A Half Day Unwinding in Nature Private SUP Tour and Yoga (3 hrs)

From$250 + HST

All paddling levels welcome, this tour offers some paddling skill tips from essential skills to advance concepts as we move around the island.  For individuals or private groups, we will have the opportunity for intermittent yoga postures while touring and/or saving a quiet space towards our destination for some focused SUP Yoga.

*Additional participants can be added at $100 per addition up to 5 participants in total per private group.  Equipment is provided.


Whether your looking for 1 on 1 instruction, you would like to reserve a day, morning, or afternoon for a family and friends outing, our private clinics are tailored to your specific wants and needs, hosting at our quaint school on the Ottawa River.  Come to experience the Liquid Skills difference at our home grown, family friendly environment.  We always aim to please!

We'll Come To YOU!

Having a party or special event? We can help!

Our services and equipment are available for hire to come to you! We can bring the paddleboards, kayaks and the rest of the gear needed to have an amazing day or weekend. We can even send a certified instructor to support your needs whether it be a mini class, some tips and tricks or just would like some help getting started to get on the water.  Give us a call or email and we'll sort out the rest of the details to provide you a quote for an amazing time at your home or cottage.


Prices are plus HST.  Clinic cost includes allotted time of instruction in a group setting.  River lunches can be provided upon request for an additional $16 plus HST per day.  Gear rentals are offered at 50% off when registered into any Core or Specialty Clinic.  Gear rentals are included for the LS SUP FIT & LS SUP YOGA Classes as well as PRIVATE TOURS with reservation based upon availability.  Please reserve clinic space and gear in advance.  Reservation and Cancellation Policy.

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