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Signature Clinics. Signature Instruction.

From those looking into learning to kayak all the way to advance freestyle, creek and big water boaters, you came to the right place.  At Liquid Skills we offer the most comprehensive paddling instruction in Canada. All of our Core Kayak Clinics are offered in  2, 3 and 5 day options.  Come to Liquid Skills to receives quality instruction in small class sizes with world-class instructors and a positive environment and atmosphere.

2-Day Clinics start on Mondays and Saturdays

3-Day Clinics Start on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

5-Day Clinics start on Mondays and Wednesdays

Liquid Skills Kayak School Ottawa River Beginners


Kayaking for Beginners

LS Kayak Essentials

2-Day $320

3-Day $475

5-Day $750

Designed for the first time paddler, this introductory course uses the most cutting-edge instructional techniques to get you rolling into the world of whitewater kayaking. We cover the essential skills and concepts, starting on calm flatwater with the fundamental strokes and the eskimo roll. As your comfort level increases, we will progress by practicing these techniques in gradually faster moving currents, and trying more challenging exercises in the flats. The objective of this course is to give you a solid foundation upon which to build and enjoy the wonders of whitewater at your own pace.

June - September

Liquid Skills Kayak School Ottawa River Beginner-mediate


Kayaking for Beginner-Mediates

LS Kayak Evolution

2-Day $340

3-Day $500

5-Day $750

For those already familiar with the basics, but still working on comfort and control in whitewater. Who still need to improve upon the roll, and looking to take whitewater to the next level. The Evolution is about fully equipping you for the transformation into a confident and self-sufficient whitewater paddler. With consistent and accurate feedback, encouragement and lots of practice through structured exercises and boundless play, the Evolution can be painless and even fun! There is no better place for it to occur than the Ottawa River.

June  - September

Liquid Skills Kayak School Ottawa River Intermediate


Kayaking for Intermediates

LS Kayak Quickening

2-Day $360

3-Day $525

5-Day $750

For those looking to hone their river running and playboating skills, and add some new moves to their arsenal. Our most popular course, The Quickening, is designed to give intermediate kayakers the tools needed to start having some serious fun. We have spent years breaking down every intermediate and advanced technique, discovering that the true key to learning is in understanding a set of basic concepts. We will deliver these concepts clearly and link them to a simple progression for each new skill you are ready to tackle. Individual coaching and feedback will help you put it all into action.

May - October

Liquid Skills Kayak School Ottawa River Advanced


Kayaking for Experts

LS Kayak Edge

2-Day $380

3-Day $550

5-Day $750

Instruction and coaching  that will push the restrictions and limitations of advanced paddlers and will take you to the edge! This course is designed for kayakers that are serious about taking their paddling to the highest level, learning the hottest moves and maximizing the efficiency of every stroke. With world-class professional athlete-instructors, elite freestyle coaches, and the producer of the most cutting-edge instructional products available, Liquid Skills takes pride in being the world leaders in advanced river-running and freestyle instruction.

April - November


Just when you thought it couldn't get any better.

For years, professional kayakers from the Liquid Skills Team have strived to create the best clinics possible for a range of students.  These specialty clinics can help you zone in on specifics and get you where you want to be with your boating.

Liquid Skills Kayak School Ottawa River Big Water


Big Volume. Big Waves.

Join the high-flying and big surf busting crew during the spring of 2018 for some high value excitement on the mighty Ottawa River.  From learning to overcome big water fears to getting down to some serious big water play, this is an awesome, confidence-boosting way to kick off the season!  Must have solid roll and cold water gear.  Contact us to register!

1-Day $175

2-Day $320

LS Big Water

Liquid Skills Kayak School Ottawa River Women


Whitewater Women

LS Whitewater Women

1-Day $175

2-Day $320

Liquid Skills Kayak School Ottawa River Rolling


Gaining Confidence

LS Kayak Rolling

1 x 60 min session $40

3 x 60 min sessions $100

Liquid Skills Kayak School Ottawa River Fitness


Flatwater Fitness

We know the importance of flatwater training and physical conditioning.  This course is designed to enhance physical fitness as well as for kayakers that are serious about taking their paddling to the highest level.  Learn to maximize the efficiency of every stroke and experience unique fitness drills. With world-class professional athlete-instructors and elite coaches.

1 x 60 min session $40

3 x 60 min sessions $100

LS Kayak Fit

This flatwater clinic is for those looking to secure a roll, weather it's your first roll or your practicing nailing down your offside or back deck roll. Rolling is a necessary skill to obtain after learning your foundational strokes and is a key skill to have in your boating arsenal.  The true key to learning is in understanding a set of basic concepts. We will deliver these concepts clearly.  Individual coaching and feedback will help you get rolling into the world of whitewater.

Teaching the basics of whitewater with some of the industries top women's coaches and instructors is the best way to start this sport!  Learn how to outfit your boat to fit your body, to recognize and correct common technique problems specific to women and discuss how to work through emotions of fear, intimidation and lack of confidence.

Prices are plus HST.  Clinic cost includes allotted time of instruction in a group setting.  River lunches can be provided upon request for an additional $12 plus HST per day.  Gear rentals are offered at 50% off when registered into any Core or Specialty Clinic.  Gear rentals are complimentary for the LS Kayak Essentials Clinics based upon availability.  Hourly rates for gear rentals are available for the LS Rolling and Kayak Fit Clinics based upon availability.  Please reserve clinic space and gear in advance.  A 50% deposit is due to secure your reservation when booking over 30 days prior to the clinic start date.  All balances are due 30 days prior to the clinic start date.  Optional cancellation insurance is available for purchase at the time of reserving your clinic for $10 per person per day.  Reservation Policy.  Cancellation Policy. 

Liquid Skills Kayak School Ottawa River Privat






Our private clinics have been one of our most sought after programs over the past 17 years and truly our speciality. Private classes for your group or one on one allow our instructors to get right into the action with what it is that you need to reach that next level and help with your groups dynamics.  Feel free to let us know what kind of private clinic you are looking for and we can help design the perfect time on the water and off.

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